Rutherford Discovery Fellowship



So having decided that following the worst interview I’ve ever had (including the worst presentation I’ve ever given) I was completely convinced I would NOT be offered the prestigious Rutherford Discovery Fellowship. Hence, my slightly distracted (was in the middle of tricky piece of coding) answering of THE phone call, even after the caller identified himself as from the Rutherford Discovery Fellowship office I thought “ohh that’s decent they’ve even rung up to let me know in person I didn’t get the fellowship”. When they followed up with “we’d like to offer you the scholarship” I went into stammer overdrive.



About Tinkerbel405

I am an Ecologist based at Landcare Research, Dunedin (in Otago, New Zealand). I mainly work on species responses to environmental change. In 2012 I was awarded a Rutherford Discovery Fellowship from the Royal Society of New Zealand. This fellowship has allowed me to return to New Zealand where I am embarking on an exciting new research program: Battlegrounds and safe havens: disentangling the roles of ecology and evolution in the response of biological communities to climate change.
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