We still don’t have a bed, or sofa, or table. We did borrow a coupe of plastic garden chairs from Yvette – along with a large mattress, many glasses, some very nice cups, some towels and some cutlery – just writing this list is making me wonder what we actually bought ourselves!!! OHH that’s right the coffee machine!!! and what a score it was!! Of course our normal coffee machine The one that no doubt anyone reading this Blog is acquainted with, the one of many thoroughly enjoyable coffee’s in delightful company is safely through the Suez Canal on route to our new home in Dunedin. (Well at least part way through the pirate strewn oceans on route to a storage yard in Dunedin).

In any case some remedy was required to make the morning start more bearable, once the practicality of appearing on Yvette’s doorstep every morning for coffee before work was deemed a non-starter.

But back to the story – goodness me how to go about buying a coffee machine. How could it live up to one so perfect sourced so lovingly from Italy itself. We started with ringing round all the shops. decided to check out the BIG W. On the phone they said they had two models one for $150 and one for $200. When we got there there there was a third model which of course was the model that I liked the best 🙂 But with no box, price and no bar code (well not one that any of the three assistants could find) what to do. The lady in charge of the section said if we really liked it we could take it as is for $50 dollars. We decided it was worth the risk, how hard can it be to work a coffee machine??? ….

A week of gorgeous coffees later we’ve decided it was our lucky day.

p.s. Walking to the counter I found the price (on the top not the bottom of the machine). Luckily it still didn’t have a box and they’d already offered it to us as a last of a line discount ($228 down to $50).


About Tinkerbel405

I am an Ecologist based at Landcare Research, Dunedin (in Otago, New Zealand). I mainly work on species responses to environmental change. In 2012 I was awarded a Rutherford Discovery Fellowship from the Royal Society of New Zealand. This fellowship has allowed me to return to New Zealand where I am embarking on an exciting new research program: Battlegrounds and safe havens: disentangling the roles of ecology and evolution in the response of biological communities to climate change.
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