How to make a drumkit

Last night we made the coolest drum kit. It’s possible we were over achieving a bit but Zac had to collect:

A balloon,
A rubber band
A tin can

Of course a long discussion ensued as to exactly which tin can would be the best. The pros and cons of various containers were debated till it was clear the only sensible course of action was to sacrifice some of the balloons and rubber bands on a trail run. Before we knew it we had an entire drum kit.

check it out…..


About Tinkerbel405

I am an Ecologist based at Landcare Research, Dunedin (in Otago, New Zealand). I mainly work on species responses to environmental change. In 2012 I was awarded a Rutherford Discovery Fellowship from the Royal Society of New Zealand. This fellowship has allowed me to return to New Zealand where I am embarking on an exciting new research program: Battlegrounds and safe havens: disentangling the roles of ecology and evolution in the response of biological communities to climate change.
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